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Host4u2 Backup Solutions - Affordable insurance on your data!

Although we at Host4u2 do all we can to protect your data, it solely remains the client's responsibility to keep local backups of their data. We offer both Free Do-It-Yourself solutions via your cPanel, as well as Paid Subscription automatic backup solutions. Do NOT leave your web site data to chance...Review your backup strategies today, and act on them!

We offer local Daily/Weekly/Monthly, backups free by default. Restore fees apply.
If you are not an Off-Server Backup Subscriber, your data is not as well protected as it should be. Subscriptions are NOT included with any hosting or reseller offerings.
Please review our Backup options: 
We offer R1Soft Off-Site Daily backup interface with multiple restore points to protect and manage/restore your valuable data on-demand via your cPanel. This feature is included on all Shared Hosting Plans. Optional for Resellers and Dedicated Servers. R1Soft is the #1 Off-Site Daily backup interface allowing the restore of a single file, folder, an entire account, or a Bare-Metal Restore.
See a Screenshot HERE or
VPS Backup Options:
This backup plan allows you flexibility. It allows you to backup and download your accounts to location of your choice via FTP. It is not recommended to store the backups on your account to eat up your space. It also defeats the whole purpose of backing up. We recommend you open an Amazon S3 Account for off-site storage which is very inexpensive ($0.093 per GB for off-site storage or $4.65/mo. for 50GB) as well as being reliable to store your backups.

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R1Soft™ Backup Solution for our dedicated servers: ORDER HERE
WHMez VPS Backup License: ORDER HERE

Each of our Offsite Backup solutions include all of your account's data, mySQL databases, POP3 Accounts (mail), Mailing Lists, Sub-Domains, DNS Record(s), MX Record(s), FTP, etc..