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Although we at Host4u2 do all we can to protect your data, it solely remains the client's responsibility to keep local backups of their data. We offer both a local backup solution via your cPanel, as well as Paid Subscription automatic backup solutions. Do NOT leave your web site data to chance...Review your backup strategies today, and act on them!

If you are not an Off-Server Backup Subscriber, your data is not as well protected as it should be.
(Subscriptions are NOT included with any hosting or reseller offerings.)

We offer local Daily/Weekly/Monthly, backups free by default. Restore fees apply.
With the included local cPanel backups we cannot restore a single file or folder. The restore process will not over-write existing data, so we must first terminate the account before restoring from the most recent valid backup which could be days old because each new backup replaces the previous day backup.
We now offer Off-Site Daily backup interface which offers you multiple restore points to protect and manage/restore your valuable data on-demand 24/7/365 via your cPanel with your backup subscription. Restore only a single file or folder, or an entire site as needed via the friendly control panel. Besides being stored locally, your data is securely stored Off-Site, on another network, doubling your protection against data lose.

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Offsite Backup Solution by Subscription
cost (all accounts: $5/mo. or $50/year. Order HERE
Each of our Backups include all of your account's data, mySQL databases, POP3 Accounts (mail), Mailing Lists, Sub-Domains, DNS Record(s), MX Record(s), FTP, etc..