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Although we do all we can to protect your data, it solely remains the client's responsibility to keep local backups
of their data.
We offer a Paid Subscription automatic backup solution. Do NOT leave your web site data to chance.

Solution for VPS Hosting Clients

Restore Manager

  • Multiple Restore Points available via cPanel
  • Safely stored on our off-site Backup servers
  • Restores Data instantly through your cPanel

Do NOT leave your web site data to chance...

Review your backup strategies today, and act on them!

Multiple recovery points . Restore single files/folders,

all conveniently managed in real-time , via your cPanel.

Ideally, you should have at least two backup sources, which are maintained on a

regular basis. So, the question should  not be, "Do I Need Backups", but rather,

"How Many Backups Do I Need". Although the answer varies, depending on the

nature of your data, 2 backup sources for critical data is a minimum requirement.