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Solution for Shared Hosting Clients

  • Multiple Restore Points available
  • Local and Remote backups available
  • Safely stored on off-site Backup servers
  • Restore Data instantly through your cPanel

Although we at Host4u2 do all we can to protect your data, it solely remains the client's responsibility to keep local backups of their data. We offer both Free Do-It-Yourself solutions via your cPanel, as well as Paid Subscription automatic backup solutions. Do NOT leave your web site data to chance...

Review your backup strategies today, and act on them!

Multiple recovery points . Restore single files/folders,

all conveniently managed in real-time , via your cPanel.

Imagine waking up, and data on your primary hard drive has been lost due to hardware failure, hackers or even a disgruntled employee deleting vital information... The reality of the Internet is that even with multiple levels of redundancy, data can still be lost.

 Ideally, you should have at least two backup sources, which are maintained on a regular basis. So, the question should not be, "Do I Need Backups", but rather, "How Many Backups Do I Need". Although the answer varies, depending on the nature of your data, 2 backup sources for critical data is a minimum requirement.

Each of our Offsite Backups include all of your account's data, including mySQL databases,

POP3 Accounts (mail), Mailing Lists, Sub-Domains, DNS Record(s), MX Record(s), FTP, Permissions, etc..

Single account
No setup fee if
paid annually 
$3.00/mo. +$10 one-time setup fee
(2 mo. free, $30.00 annually)
Reseller Account
No setup fee if
paid annually
$8.00/mo. +$15 one-time setup fee
(2 mo. free. $80.00 annually)

With Restore Manager, you are able to restore a file/folder from any of multiple restore points yourself,

No needing to pay any restore fee for us to restore for you.

Your data is stored Off-Site, on another network, protecting you from losing data in a server crash.