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Secure Your Site, Build Customer Trust

SiteLock Basic

With SiteLock, customers will know your site is credible, trustworthy
and secure. And, increased trust leads to increased sales.

SiteLock is a comprehensive security software application that protects
your site from:

  • Identity Theft
  • Fraud
  • Spyware
  • Spam
  • Viruses
  • Online Scams

Site Security for only
Retail Value $100/Year
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Bonus Features:

Once you've had SiteLock Basic for 90 days, a one-time series of important scans will be performed, including:

XSS Scripting
Checks for cross-site scripting attacks, which allow hackers to take control of the code on your website to solicit personal information from your customers.

SQL Injection
Each field and form on your database is scanned to make sure there are no vulnerabilities where confidential information is stored.

App Scanning
All applications (Flash, WordPress, etc.) installed on your site are scanned for possible vulnerabilities.

SiteLock Products Available:
Product Recommended For Cost/year

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A great solution for anyone with a personal website or blog that doesn't collect or store any data. SiteLock Basic provide simple, affordable protection from hackers, blacklisting by search engines, and many other website hazards.

$100 value
SiteLock Premium
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Perfect for bloggers, hobbyists, social networkers and anyone collecting non-public data. Offer your customers a way to protect themselves and their visitors with a comprehensive suite of protection and detection tools.

$299 value
SiteLock Enterprise
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The best option for your customers who already use SSL, have a shopping cart, databases or are storing customer data on their site.
If it's a known website threat or vulnerability, this plan protects them and their users from it.
$499 value