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TRUSTe Builds Customer Confidence to Work, Play and Shop Online for Only $100/Year.

A privacy policy is a legal document that is required by law in some jurisdictions, as well as being required for services like Google AdSense. With privacy related lawsuits being more common sites without a policy are at serious risk.
Mitigate risk and save the high cost of hiring a lawyer by leveraging the most trusted source for online privacy, TRUSTe.

TRUSTe privacy services provide merchants, marketers and publishers with the ability to create accurate and consumer-friendly online privacy policies, backed by the TRUSTe seal, helping satisfy:

  • Customer expectations of safeguarding their personal information
  • Federal and state compliance with regards to online privacy regulations
  • Google AdSense and Yahoo! Store guidelines pertaining to privacy policies

The recognized TRUSTe seal instantly provides customers with the assurance they need and look for when visiting a Web site, increasing consumer confidence and driving improved business results:

  • Increased transactions and higher average order value
  • Improved marketing conversion and lead form completion and quality

TRUSTe privacy services include:

  • Generated hosted online privacy policy
  • Hosted TRUSTe seal
  • Third-party dispute resolution
  • Privacy Scanning
  • Seal inclusion on product listing in comparison shopping engines and
The TRUSTe Seal Increases Sales, Site Registrations and Conversion Rates.

TRUSTe is one of the Internets most well recognized and trusted brands. Online consumers see our seals and logos on sites such as Apple, Pepsi, Yahoo, Monster and more, and they feel safer doing business on web sites that are associated with TRUSTe.
"Not everyone has heard of Host4u2 Hosting. Most think it's just another hosting company. We have found that our own TRUSTe Seal has given us an edge resulting in increased inquiries and sales"

Watch a 2-minute video about the benefits of a TRUSTe package.

At $499/Year as advertised on the TRUSTe Site, you might say, it's nice, but... not now.

At $100/Year, you may want to think twice

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Sale Price:  $100/Yr.

Note – Privacy Policy with Seal includes up to 1500 Seal impressions per month.