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"I've been with Host4u2 for over 12 years now. The staff is excellent and the service is unbeatable. Here's to another 12 years and many more domains with my favorite hosting service!"
-B. Raymond 
"My Domain has been hosted with Host4u2 for over 10 years now. Whenever, and I mean whenever I have needed assistance with this and many other domains that I host with, they have been there. Support is very knowledgeable about all of the software that your hosted domain comes with, and is eager to assist with advice and technical information to get you up and running!"
-H. Harrison

"I've been with since nearly its beginning. I've hosted with more than five other hosts and Host4u2 is the best. Host4u2 continually works hard to upgrade its services and features. I've always been treated well as a customer. Their support team responds quickly to to support requests. This is a company that I would recommend." 
" goes the extra mile. They offer personalized service. They continually add features to improve the hosting service. I've been with Host4u2 for seven years now and would never consider moving to another host."

- C. Dixon

"Each time I've had interactions with their sales, support or accounting departments it's always been prompt and pleasant. Richard does a great job surrounding himself with a good crew - and it shows in the quality of their customer service. In fact, even after I carefully consider offers for cheaper (although not by much) or in some cases free hosting, each time I've decided to stay at Host4u2 because the peace of mind is well worth the cost. Also one of the few vendors I'm comfortable with my staff calling for tech support without worrying that they'll be hassled or pressured into unnecessarily upgrades or be blown off.

I've worked with at least a couple of dozen other hosting companies on various other projects and often find myself encouraging them to move to Host4u2 so it will be easier to manage the site and complete our project.

No clue how "large" their operation is - but always felt like they had large operation features and pricing with small operation quality customer service. Well worth the affordable pricing, great and friendly (US based) staff who remember who you are when you call in for whatever reason. Can't remember a time when we had downtime for a length of time that was a problem. Maybe a 2 second server reboot here and there. Maintenance windows are well communicated and haven't presented a problem for us in the past.

I have put my own reputation in their hands many times as they've also hosted sites for clients and colleagues - based on my recommendation. Never regretted it once. Definitely a hosting solution worth giving a try."

- by Greg Varnum 
"I have been with for almost 10 years and would recommend them to anyone who wants the fastest, most reliable hosting & support available - Tired of hearing: "You have 21 calls ahead of you?" or issues that go unresolved? Then change over to Richard, CEO and his support team will make certain you have 99.9% - 100% uptime and treat you as a real person and not as a number."

-David Lindemann
Austin, TX 
"Of all the website hosting companies we have been with over the years, has provided the best support of any. Their servers just do not fail. We have been with for several years now and we truly admire the personal attention we get any time we need it. There's no need to go anywhere else."

Houston, TX 
"It is rare to get quick, individualized and pleasant service from any one that I do business with like I get from you. I feel good knowing you are looking after things that I don't even understand that are crucial to keep me going.

Take care and keep up the good work! :-)"
-Rick Guthrie
Temiskaming Independent Energy
"Your level of support is unparalleled. We look forward to what we hope will be a long standing relationship with your company."
"I have been with for several years now, and every time I've considered switching to another hosting outfit I find out why I stay with them. Their service is the promptest, most competent and useful I have ever dealt with. I've never had a problem go unresolved for more than a day, and I've recommended them enthusiastically to everyone else I know looking for a small-to-mid-sized hosting company that understands that customers come first."

- the gline 
"Good service don't stop with good pricing. I have worked with many companies offering good pricing, but when it comes to technical support and service, many fall into a big pit hole! Not the case with Host4u2, the support and service is second to none. Very reliable and responsive people. We are so glad we found a company that really cares about our business!"

- Aurelio Martinez 
"Host4u2 has provided Great Support and Efficient service to us for 2 years now. We have previously hosted with 2 major hosting companies and glad we found Host4u2. We could not be happier"

- Techie 
 "Hosting with Host4u2 is easy, inexpensive, and with their fantastic support team, any problem you could have is practically fixed before you can ask! There's a real personal feel to it - I haven't once gotten an 'autoresponder' e-mail. The service is great as well. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a host ..."

- Charles Garry 
"I've been hosting two of my sites with Host4u2 and they have been excellent the entire way! I've been with several hosts, and Host4u2 is one of the best I have come across. The price is average for a large hosting company, but the speed and reliability of the servers far out weighs any and all competition. I am proud to say that my websites are hosted by, and mention them to anyone who asks me about hosting"

- Benny Raymond 
"We are planning to add a couple more websites that we would like for you guys to host for us. It's just a matter of time as we have heard nothing but good things about your company."